Please take a few moments to see what our patients have to say!


"Entire staff is extremely friendly and very professional"

-Dan M.

"You have a great staff! Everyone always seems very happy and treats me with respect."

-Lisa F.

"Great atmosphere and warm people."

-Kevin A.

"I cannot imagine finding a better dental office than your office. Everyone is so skilled, professional, warm and friendly. All of you seem to take a genuine and sincere interest in the well-being of your patients."

-Twila E.

"The entire team is wonderful. Always a good experience."

-Stacy K.

"I Always enjoy visitng Dr. Natvigs office, it is so Nice, and everyone is so Pleasant, The Office is ultramodern, and dosen't smell like a Dentist office, they have up to date equipment, and they're prices are compatible, if not better than the dentist I use to see."

-Maria P.

"As always, everything about your office was efficient, courteous, and prompt. The best visit ever!"

-Judy D.

"Thank you for welcoming me into your office and giving me the best in dental health."

-Nikki E.

"It was amazing how fast you fixed my front tooth after I broke the facing! I thought I'd have to make several visits to get it fixed - and you did it in one! I'm still feeling happy about that - and it looks so good! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your knowledge and good work! You're a great group!"

-Doris J.

"Staff very cordial and professional."

-Pat L.

"As always you guys are great."

-Patrick M.

"Everybody was great. I felt so comfortable."

-LaDonna H.

"The front desk staff were very nice and accomodating. Bea always gives a warm welcome. Grace is always very personable and gentle. Dr. Natvig is the best!"

-Audrey C.

"Your office staff and services are great."

-Dave H.

"Beatrice was wonderful as always!"

-Jeannette B.

"I can't think of anything that would make it better. I really like the new x-ray methodology."

-Isabelle J.

"I wish I knew of Dr. Natvig's office thirty years ago. The entire staff is efficient, knowledgeable, professional yet friendly. I will do all that I can to refer this office to family and friends."

-Francesca J.

"Quality of care given is always excellent. Loyalty to Dr. Natvig, despite minor disagreements. :) I love Bea!"

-Barbara S.

"Now I know why many of my friends referred me to this office. The staff was just as great as the Dr. and that seems to be hard to find now a days. Thank you so much!"

-Amanda M.

"Yes, I thought the service was excellent. The doctor explained clearly what he was doing and what would happen next."

-Vangie P.

"My first visit was like a trip to Disneyland! I was so impressed with the technology, the step-by-step explanations, the friendly warmth of the staff...I have already referred someone yesterday!

This visit was really wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing."

-Heather O.

"Everything was just wonderful. I am so glad that I was referred to a dentist that I feel comfortable with. Thank you very much."

Lenora C.

"I am 59 years old and my teeth have never felt cleaner."

Charlie T.

"You are all great. Thank you."

J. Hughes

"The customer service is always great!"

Natalie G.

"Everyone at the front desk was very friendly. Grace was very personable as usual when taking my x-rays. Bea is always so pleasant and is very gentle but comprehensive in cleaning my teeth. Dr. Natvig always has the best bedside manner. The nitrous made it all blissful!"

Audrey C.

"As usual everyone was great. Have a wonderful holiday!"

Daniel R.

"I love Dr. Natvig and the entire staff."

Arleen R.

"Excellent service and care with a real 'caring' attitude for me as a person and a patient."

Ricki S.

"As always, Bea and Dr. Natvig were professional, accomodating, and friendly!"

Bob L.

"I feel completely comfortable in Dr. Natvig's office. I've never had an experience like that in any dentist's office I've ever been in. I am a complete dental chicken, but here I don't feel so anxious. Very gentle dentist. Kind, helpful staff."

Barbara S.

"I would feel entirely confident recommending your services to anyone!"
"As far as i am concerned, your practice is more technically advanced and competent than any other dental practice I have experienced. I can't think of a thing you could improve upon!"

Judy D.

"My visit yesterday was for my daughter, her first visit to see Dr. Natvig who noticed me and asked how my new onlay was progressing. I explained that the area was still sensitive and without hesitation he asked to take a look at it and he filled the area. I am now much more comfortable brushing that once sensitive area."

Francesca J.

"Absolutely! I'm very impressed that Dr. Natvig uses the lates computerized and digitalized high-tech tools and gadgets in his practice. Just observing these fascinating devices in use makes the office visits quite fun! It would really be fantastic if discounts were offered to patients without dental insurance who pay by cash/checks. I've really enjoyed my visits with Grace. She's very kimd and extremely graceful. She takes the time to inform you of the details of your visit, and she makes you feel relaxed and confident that you're in great hands."

Kari L.

"I appreciate having a dentist who is up on the latest techniques, strives for perfection and has a warm bedside manner. Grace is always very sweet and kind. Bea and the other staff person at the desk gave me a warm welcome too. I came in with an urgent care need and was provided with an appointment for the next morning. I always feel like I'm "handled with care"."

Audrey C.

"Concern for my comfort and my understanding were very evident. All employees I came in contact with were friendly and courteous."

MaryAnn R.

"Best dentist I ever had...you all do a great job."

Christian S.

"I always enjoy my visits and catching up."

Mark G.

"Dana, my hygienist (I hope I have her name right), was great at explaining the procedures she was about to perform."

Pete R.

"Don't change."

Annelise S.

"Except for the picking and scraping you made me feel right at home! I always enjoy my visits and consider you all as friends."

Bob S.

"The ladies in the office always make the visits pleasant."

Tracy B.

"I cannot express how happy I am that I came across your dental office. Out of all my years of going to dentist's I can finally say I found one that I'm completely impressed with."

"Pearl at the front desk is wonderful. Beatrice is an absolute positive worker (hygienist) who knows her stuff and is super friendly. Dr. Natvig is sincere, honest, and has skilled, steady hands whom I trust 100% drilling on my teeth. This is by far the most professional office with the latest technology and has the best crew. I have referred this office to several people. Even my kids don't mind going to the dentist now."

Jeannie B.

"Bea is always so gracious and sees me right at 12:00. I really appreciate it..it is the only time I have without my 3 year old."

Julie B.

"Your staff is remarkably friendly and professional. I love coming to your office."

Dave H.

"Everyone was great. Thanks!"

Cindy D.

"Everything was great! As always. Receptionist very nice. Love Bea. She's the best! Dr. Natvig's not so bad either. ;)"

Tricia G.

"Everyone is awesome and being away for several years i was a bit panicked but everyone made the visit very comfortable and eased my fears. It was great to learn of the latest/greatest cleaning techniques and if they could only devise a way to put a silencer on the tools - it would be perfect! Tee hee! You're all the best and I'm so happy I found Dr. Natvig in 1980. Big hug to everyone for taking care of me and understanding my nervousness. I'm back in the saddle now so you'll probably get sick of seeing me as I want to get my cleaning back on track. See you soon!"

"It was all perfect. Bea is great as always and she was a doll dealing with me. Love the nitrous...that helped bunches too."

Diana P.

"Everyone was great. Easy to get to...office was nice. Felt confident that I'm getting good care."

Suzanne P.

"Always nice to come in :) HI Bea & everyone! See you in February!"

Angela N.

"Everything was great as usual."

David W.

"The best experience I ever had, I truly enjoyed my visit. Thank you to all."

Christian S.

"Everyone was wonderful, and I was even offered water, which was nice, as it was a warm day. The only thing that could improve my visits would be a chilled martini and a mini-massage, since dental visits still produce some inherent tension. Otherwise, everything was perfect. This is definitely the best dental practice that I can recall in way too many years of dealing with dentists in various corners of the globe."

Ray C.

"I have been visiting Dr. Natvig and his team for the past 11 years. They are absolutely fantastic. The entire team is professional, on-time, knowledgeable, and they have cutting edge technology. I had never heard of sand blasting a small cavity, but they offer this service and it's a wonderful alternative to Novacaine and the dreaded drill! My insurance does not cover them, but I opt to visit them regardless. Keeping up with my teeth every 6 months will hopefully pay off in the long run. I actually look forward to my appointments with Bea (one of the hygienists). She leaves no stone unturned in my mouth - I know she is doing a thorough job! She actually keeps me from having to see Dr. Natvig himself very often, which is good thing I guess!

Thank you Dr. Natvig and your wonderful team! It's a pleasure having you as my dentist!"

Tammy L.

"This is my 20th move, a new dentist each move!
So by now, I know the good ones are smooth!
At 83, I am a pro picking the right ones each place!
And believe me, you and your helpers, have won this race!"

Louise M.

"I have always been impressed with the palpable attitude that is both friendly and professional. Every one on your staff exhibits those qualities. You have put together a practice that's admirable.

This was my first meeting with Debbie who exhibited all the qualities I have mentioned above. She is not only a superior technician, but Debbie is an excellent instructor and taught me some basics about the simple act of brushing my teeth, I've never know before. Debbie and her colleagues are a tribute to your office. I felt right at home the minute I walked through the door and was greeted by the receptionist who knew my name and welcomed me."

Frank B.

"I wanted to thank all of you for a job well done! Great atmosphere, great service and great personalities. You are a great team! Keep up the exceptional work and the added perks (e.g. welcome letters to home) and you are a success-but you already knew that! Great experience and even though you are Out-Of-Network-I choose you! Job well done!"

Tina R.

"Everyone was so helpful and friendly, from the front desk, to x-rays, to my time in the chair and beyond! I don't usually enjoy my visit to the dentist. This time was WAY different! It was explained to me what was going on through my exam and cleaning and what our game plan is for future visits. The environment was pleasant and comfortable. And every staff member exceeded my expectations. I'm glad that my sister and I have chosen your office for our dental care. Thank you for the excellent service."

Lena R.

"The more I think about my white teeth, the bigger I smile."

Matt T.

"Over the years, I've had my fair share of dental work and some of it was most uncomfortable when it came to the injection part. In fact, it was very painful. After visiting your office and having you work on my teeth, you get the top award for being the most gentle and kind. The injection part of my appointment was beyond anything I've experienced for comfort and ease of that darn "dreaded shot"! I just had to let you know how much I appreciated your gentle touch whenever I was in your office and it's too bad more dentist don't use the Wand to help patients endure that part of a dental appointment."

Elizabeth M.

" A very caring Dentist and staff,my Hygenist Jasmine really takes a personal concern for my health! Dr Natvig and his staff are the best,i would highly recomend them to anyone who is looking for excellent long term dental health care.Always available,caring,high tec,friendly!Second to none in my opinion."

Joseph S.

"The staff is the icing on the cake - everyone is a pleasure!"

Sedona D.

"I have come to expect greatness out of my dental visits. This experience was no different. I just have to say that I always appreciate how friendly Pearl is when I arrive. She is a great person and part of the reason why I keep coming back."

Steve C.

"I stumbled onto Dr. Natvig by chance, but I've been a client for several years now, & have referred friends. He is nor even in my "network" but is definitely worth it!"

Raymond C.

"Best Dentist that I have ever been too. Very professional and full service."

Laura J.

"Everyone that works in this office, is so pleasant, The Office itself is so nicely decorated with flowers, fish, and lovely decor. Takes your mind off, of why your there, and at that, They are very sure to make your visits as painless as possible. Dr. Natvig is a Knowledgeable Dentist, I wouldn't go anywhere else!!"

Maria P.

"The dentist including the entire staff are great and so professional. I had lots of dental work, and am very satisfied."

Ellen Y.

"A very caring Dentist and staff,my Hygienist Jasmine really takes a personal concern for my health! Dr. Natvig and his staff are the best, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent long term dental health care. Always available, caring, high tec, friendly!Second to none in my opinion."

Joseph S.

"Pacific Dental has the most professional people. They are always ahead of others in bringing in new technology and equipment."

Susan C.

"Conservative approach to my dental health without risk in the future."

Barry J.

"Absolutely first class service."

Jocelyn P.

"Very great service. The dentist was the best that I have experienced."

Richard V.

" I like all the staff. Excellent teeth cleaning by Bea"

Joan R.

"As usual great office visit with Bea!"

George B.

" Excellent attention to detail. Quality dental care"

William D.

" Only dentist I've ever visited. My dad started taking me to see Dr. Natvig as soon as I had most of my "baby" teeth. So I've been going to him my whole life. The people in the office make the visits kind of fun. I'm almost 18 now and I've never had a cavity so he must be doing something right."

Tommy C.

"This year will mark 38 years that Dr. Natvig and his staff have been caring for my teeth. I have referred many friends over the years and gotten positive feedback from them. Going to the dentist isn't my favorite activity but he does a good job making it as enjoyable as possible."

F. Thomas C.

"Dr. Natvig has been my dentist over twenty years. He's the best! Dr. Natvig and his staff all do a great job explaining what they are doing. They are friendly and attentive. And i can be in and out for a cleaning on my lunch hour, which i live!"

Charissa S.

"I love this place short wait and all the staff is really nice."

Kenia A.

"Bea always does a great job!"

Charles K.

"Excellent experience. Had my teeth cleaned.. very professional and helpful with advice to keep them clean"

Louis C.

"Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions. The doctor is so sweet and caring. He genuinely cares for each patient. I would recommend Pacific Dental Aesthetics to everyone."

Kristine N.

" Great dentist, excellent experience on every visit"

Lawrence M.

" Everyone in the office is professional and helpful. Thank you for taking such great care of me and my teeth/gums."

David C.

" Dentist and staff was awesome. You couldn't ask for a better staff"

John B.

" Best dentist I've ever had. Very up to date equipment. Completely painless. Offices are good size. Music is pleasant. Everybody is quite competent and explains what is being done, and why."

Isabelle J.

" Very Happy! Everything was great as usual!"

Chris K.

"Bea's the Best!"

Cathy B.

"I schedule two - three cleanings a year for the benefits of: Freshens my breath, prevents cavities, stops tooth loss, brightens my smile, boost my overall health and saves money. The dental staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Natvig and his staff focus on advance education of the new dental techniques to help prevent, diagnose and/or treat dental conditions and diseases early and effectively. I have observed the transformation of his office equipment and techniques through the years. Thank You Dr. Natvig and Staff. I love my smile!!!"

Linda P.

"I'm very happy with the end result. I'd like to thank Dr. Natvig and his staff for excellent care and great work."

Andrew H.

"Bea is the best, always so helpful with even better ways to take care of my teeth. Love that Dr. Natvig always comes by to see if you are doing well."

Andrea B.

"The staff is the icing on the cake - everyone is a pleasure."

Sedona D.

" Hygienist Jasmine is great and helpful. Overall friendly experience"

Peter D.

"Relaxed environment, I wish the dental office wasn't so far from my home."

Rose R.

"Always good and caring treatment!"

Joan G.