how long do same day crowns last?

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Last? 

Leaving the dentist's office with a restored tooth sounds amazing. But, are same-day crowns as sturdy as traditional ones? Find out in our blog!
6 common cosmetic dental treatments

What Is Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

But if you find the entire topic a bit confusing and want to learn how cosmetic dentistry can help, check out the six popular treatments and how they can change your smile’s appearance: 

What Are Veneers & Are They Worth It?

This short guide can help you figure out if veneers are right solution for you.
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It isn’t every day that you’ll find a team of dentists capable of offering such compassionate, individualized care to each patient they see. At Pacific Dental Aesthetics, that’s exactly what you get, and more. With years of experience offering various forms of treatment, Dr. Lemire and Dr. Song are prepared to care for you, whatever your specific needs may be. ‍

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