Air Abrasion

 What is air abrasion and why do we choose to utilize it here? It is a minimally invasive procedure that is drilless, noiseless and a heat less procedure used to remove decay. Usually “shots” are avoided with the use of air abrasions and multiple teeth in different sites can be treated in one appointment. Other advantages include:

  • Precision-helps maintain integrity of tooth structure by removing a minimal section of the tooth.
  • Air Abrasion reduces the risk of micro fracturing and chipping, which can lead to premature restorative failures.
  • It is a relatively simple and quick procedure.
  • Tooth colored materials can be used after air abrasion because the materials “bond” or adhere well to the smooth surface created by air abrasion.
  • Children can be treated without the need of anesthesia, therefore avoiding the phobia and fear of dentistry that is associated with drilling and anesthesia.


Air abrasion removes tooth structure using a stream of nitrogen gas. The abrasive particles strike the tooth with high velocity and remove small amounts of tooth aluminum oxide particles generated from compressed air or bottled carbon dioxide or structure. After the decayed area is removed a composite resin is placed to restore the functionality and strength of the teeth. 



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