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Differences Between Same-Day and Lab-Made Crowns

Dentists recommend dental crowns for severely damaged teeth from dental decay or physical trauma. These tooth-shaped caps sit on the damaged teeth, strengthening and restoring their shape. 

If you’ve been mulling over getting dental implants, you’ll have to decide between two types of dental crowns: same-day and lab-made. Both restore the shape and functionality of teeth but are inherently different. Below, we’ll highlight the major differences between same-day and lab-made crowns.

What Is a Same-Day Crown?

A same-day crown, as the name suggests, is a type of dental crown that the dentists fabricate and install on your teeth in a single appointment. The dentists utilize CAD/CAM technology to take impressions of your teeth and create the crowns within minutes.

What Is a Lab-Made Crown?

A lab-made crown is a traditional crown that dentists create by taking impressions of your teeth using dental putty and then sending them to a lab to create crowns. In the lab, skilled technicians take about two weeks to create porcelain or metal crowns to your specifications.

Key Differences

Same-day and Lab-made crowns may appear similar but are different. Some of the key differences include:

  • Time: The most significant difference between same-day and lab-made crowns is the time it takes to make them. Lab-made crowns take two to three weeks to make. The process for fitting lab-made crowns involves taking impressions of your teeth, which the dentist sends to a lab to fabricate the crowns. In the lab, skilled technicians work to create natural-looking crowns to your specifications.

Same-day crowns, on the other hand, only take about sixty minutes to fabricate and fit on your teeth. Dentists use CAD/CAM technology to take impressions of your teeth and create your crowns in no more than sixty minutes.

  • Temporary Crown Placement: A dentist near you will install temporary crowns on patients getting lab-made crowns. These temporary crowns are acrylic and are nowhere as strong or aesthetically pleasing as permanent crowns. They protect the affected teeth while awaiting the actual lab-made crowns. Most people don’t like temporary crowns since they stick out like a sore thumb on the teeth. Same-day crowns don’t require temporary crowns since they are manufactured and fitted within the same day.
  • Strength/Durability: Lab-made crowns are typically stronger and more durable than same-day crowns. That’s because the former can be made from metal like stainless steel and gold, lasting up to 25 years and longer. Some lab-made crowns are also made from porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), which offers the strength and durability of metal and the aesthetics of porcelain.

Same-day crowns, conversely, are made of ceramic, which isn’t as strong as metal or PFM dental crowns. However, they can last for ten to fifteen years with proper oral hygiene.

The Major Differences

Both same-day and lab-made crowns are great for restoring damaged teeth. The better option between the two depends on your specific needs. If you need something more urgent, same-day crowns will do you justice. If you have no problem waiting, the more affordable and durable lab-made crowns will suffice.

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