At Pacific Dental Aesthetics, we believe preventative dental care is the best approach for your oral healthcare. That is why we utilize CAMBRA.

Caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) is an evidence-based approach to preventing or treating the cause of dental caries (cavities) at the earliest stages rather than waiting for irreversible damage to the teeth.

The CAMBRA philosophy of care is the asses each patient for his or her unique individual disease indicators, risk factors and protective factors to determine current and future dental caries disease. Caries risk assessment (CRA) is a critical component of dental caries management and should be considered a standard of care and included as part of the dental examination.

A simple comparison used to understand CAMBRA methodology is to compare it to a risk assessment for heart disease your physician may perform during a physical examination.

Dentists who perform CAMBRA are performing a similar function. Based on risk factors for caries disease dentists will perform tests for oral bacteria levels as well as take x-rays. They will then examine disease indicators and risk factors  such as current decay condition, current bacterial challenge, decay history, dietary habits, current prescription medications, saliva flow, medical conditions, and oral hygiene habits.

The dentist can then make recommendations based on the above risk factors. Patients at high risk may require medical intervention in the form of oral rinses, gels, gums, and sprays. They may also require restoration of any existing tooth decay. High risk patients may also receive recommendations to put off elective cosmetic dental procedures, or orthodontics until risk levels can be decreased. Patients at low risk may receive recommendations for oral home care preventive products to keep risk levels low and will be better candidates for elective cosmetic procedures.

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